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27 July 2011

Taking quotes out of context

One of my biggest pet peeves is taking quotes out of context, which any self-respecting writer will tell you is dishonest. It misrepresents the person being quoted and is basically LYING. So I totally understand those folks who do not grant interviews unless they get to review the final piece because they're afraid the writer (if they're not hones) will take them totally out of context and misrepresent their meaning.

Same with plagiarism--oh wait! That would be the VP who's an admitted plagiarist (and which should have disqualified him from public office IMHO).

I guess the big O's speech writer was the one lying the other night........ this blurb also addresses several other liberals who have been taking quotes out of context as well.

"President Obama is the latest Democrat to try to enlist Ronald Reagan in a campaign to saddle Americans with more taxes. Last week, MSNBC host Chris Matthews took some of Reagan's quotes on taxes out of context and chided, "Would Reagan even be a Republican today?" No doubt the 40th president is in..."

24 July 2011

so much writing, so little time :) Let's talk about web writing...

You may have noticed there was some streamlining going on over at the main writing website. The focus is changing from technical writing and general writing and editing to web writing, technical copywriting, and technical writing. Yes, there is a difference.

Web writing, nearly everyone is familiar with these days. It's the content you find everywhere on the web. However, what you don't always find is websites that are doing their jobs. There are many "informational" web sites that just seem to be someone talking into space. A number of blogs are like that. They don't really want you the reader to do anything...just read and maybe comment, maybe not. There are plenty of sites like that, but these days most of us expect them to be a little more interactive. Let us at least share you on FB & Twitter! lol

There are sites that are informational but that also direct you to do something. Usually you'll find these types of sites on the geeky or technical end of things. There will be plenty of white papers, product information, and help available. But to get to the "meat" of the content, they'd like you to sign up for the newsletter, please. And that isn't a bad deal. That's what our writing site does now.

Then there are those really interactive blog sites where everyone can comment on the main story. They're everywhere. The one place I find them quite annoying is on what's supposed to be my objective, local news websites. Yes, I'm one of "those" who usually turns those comment pages off when I'm just really trying to scan the headlines, see if there's anything I need to be aware of, and get back to whatever type of writing I'm working on at the moment.

It's easy to suffer from "information overload" these days.... so learning to practice moderation here, as well as with your food is a pretty good policy. And always, always, always --- consider the source and the spin!  To make sure you're getting a balanced view somewhere in the middle, remember to check the story on "the other side" of the fence as well.  Remember, there are at least 2 sides to every story, and the truth lies somewhere in between.

Until next time... write well & be well!